BarsViajante87 Unveils Latin American-Inspired Cocktail Menu Alongside New Bar Director and Brand Manager

Viajante87 Unveils Latin American-Inspired Cocktail Menu Alongside New Bar Director and Brand Manager


Notting Hill’s late-night cocktail bar Viajante87 has unveiled a new cocktail concept inspired by travels through Latin America. Founder Markus Thesleff is being joined at the helm by new Bar Director Pietro Collina and Brand Manager Veronica Di Pietrantonio, together, they will take guests on a journey through Latin America from the heart of West London.

Previously, Pietro Collina led bars like Eleven Madison Park and NoMad Hotel, both of which topped World’s 50 Best lists. He later directed bars at London Claridge’s Davies & Brook and Europe’s first NoMad Hotel. Veronica Di Pietrantonio, previously on the management team at Mr. Lyan’s Dandelyan and Lyaness, both of which topped the list of World’s Best Bars.

Viajante, translating to “explorer” in Spanish, looks to inspire both locals and travelers, honoring diverse cultures across the continent. The cocktail menu mirrors the stages of immersion in a new culture, inviting tourists to evolve into locals. The innovative menu is divided into five sections, each embodying a unique adventure. Starting this month, Viajante87 offers a taste of its debut menu, featuring Latin American classics and a preview of cocktails before the full menu launch in late October.

The menu will include the likes of the Glacier Martini, inspired by glacial fjords in Patagonia, which uses grapes and plums grown in the fertile area, with Apostoles Gin and Barsol Perfecto Amor. The 90210 stems from Argentina, where ‘Fernet and Coke’ is a staple. Named after the 90’s TV show, the drink originally contained 9 parts Fernet, 2 ice cubes, and 1 part coke, however at Viajante87, the tipple will utilize discarded Cascara Vermouth, Ayuk, and lemon.

The Ya Esta is a Latin twist on the Last Word cocktail, combining Tapatio 110 Tequila and the lesser-known Mexican Nocheluna sotol instead of the usual gin, lime, maraschino, and chartreuse. The sotol’s grassy tones are blended with celery and apple cordial, while Chartreuse elixir adds a dry, herbaceous finish. Vino Tropical drinks like a rich tropical off-dry Champagne, based off Peruvian Chardonnay, with an addition of Pox, a liquor commonly used for ceremonial purposes among the Mayans. For those who like their Old Fashioned, the Charanda Old-Fashioned showcases notes of grass and unaged sugar cane, rounding off with a tincture of Amburana seeds sourced from the Brazilian Amazon.

Those who share Markus’ affinity for agave spirits can delve into his own private collection of Agave, one of the largest assortments in Europe., boasting over 300 tequilas and mezcals, from well-known brands to small batch artisanal bottlings.

Viajante87 embodies curiosity, a genuine love for travel, and the belief that the journey is as vital as the destination. The menu mirrors stages of exploration, guiding guests on a transformative experience. Cocktails cost £15-£17; the menu includes bar bites like creamy guacamole, Pato Teriyaki Crispy Rice, and Taco Makis – a fusion of Mexican Tacos and maki-rolls. Curated Latin-inspired playlists fill the air and talented DJs spend throughout evenings.

Viajante87 is located in the basement of 87 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JZ. It is open Tuesday through Thursday from 7pm till 12am, as well as Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 2am. For more information, head over to the bar’s official website.

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