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Japanese Whisky lovers and cocktail enthusiasts rejoice at this Little Tokyo hot spot. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Wolf & Crane pours an array of drinks, shots, and beers that bring the elegance of the bar’s favorite spirit to new inductees and aficionados. While no food is on the menu, its position on Second Street means visitors are only steps away from some of the finest eateries the city has to offer.

Featuring a bar and an adjacent room, Wolf & Crane allows guests to get close to the spirits and bartenders or find a more secluded area for personal discussion. The space is intimate and dark, making it an ideal spot for friends or lovers. There is a romantic element to the bar’s cozy confines as visitors find themselves swept away once entering. The wall behind the bar is lined with bottle after bottle of Japanese Whisky and lush vegetation is thoughtfully positioned throughout.

Longtime DTLA residents Michael Francesconi and Matthew Glaser started Wolf & Crane as a third place for the community, and it serves as just that. The drinkery quickly became a favorite among Little Tokyo denizens, and has gathered a strong reputation with bartenders and service industry professionals.

If you love apricot cocktails like we do, make sure to order a Shibuya Crossing. Bright and full of energy like the intersection it is named after, this blend of Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky, apricot, kumquat, and lemon bursts with flavor and excitement. Elsewhere, That One Green Pokemon! (Wheatley Vodka, green chartreuse, sugar snap pea, lime) proves to be a unique and colorful palate pleaser. For those looking for something more straightforward, we recommend ordering the bar’s namesake beverage. It’s a can of Asahi and a shot of Japanese Whisky, and we recommend it without reservation.

wolf and crane

Find It At:
366 E 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Photos: Andrea Jones

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