Woodford Reserve Debuts Bourbon Finished In Barrels That Once Held Honey

Woodford Reserve Honey Barrel Finish

Woodford Reserve has unveiled the latest edition to its annual Distillery Series, Woodford Reserve Honey Barrel Finish. The new bourbon was finished in barrels that once stored honey.

Woodford Reserve Honey Barrel Finish vert

Woodford Reserve Honey Barrel Finish demonstrates the versatility of a bourbon barrel – and the ability to recycle them for multiple uses.The distillery loaned some of its freshly-dumped whiskey barrels to a local honey bee farmer in Woodford County, Kentucky. That farmer then aged his honey in the barrels. Later, the barrels returned to the distillery where they were refilled with bourbon to create the subtly sweet liquid. 

The result is a raw honey color liquid that features floral notes of honeysuckle and lemon peel, which combine with spicy clove, toasted coconut, and honey graham cracker character. The palate delivers rich raw honey,  bold baking spices softened by toasted oak and coconut maltiness. The finish is described as long and toasty.

The Honey Barrel Finish is part of Woodford Reserve’s Distillery Series, which Master Distiller Chris Morris created to push Woodford Reserve’s creative boundaries. Each selection is masterminded by Morris and Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall and is available in limited quantities with a purchase limit of two bottles per person at the Woodford Reserve Distillery and limited Kentucky retailers. There are three annual releases of the Distillery Series.

“One of the best parts of my job is being able to experiment with new ways of making Woodford Reserve,” said Morris. “It’s been rewarding to work with a honey producer here in Woodford County to create this unique Distillery Series expression and support local business and agriculture.”

Bottled at 45.2% ABV, the Woodford Reserve Honey Barrel Finish is available in 375ml bottles for $59.99 at the Woodford Reserve Distillery’s gift shop and at select Kentucky retailers. For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

Last year, the brand added the Toasted Oak Oat Grain to the Distillery Series.


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