NewsYou Can Now Buy Gin-Infused Mayonnaise and Ketchup

You Can Now Buy Gin-Infused Mayonnaise and Ketchup


Like gin? Like Ketchup and Mayonnaise? Then you’re going to love the new Gin Mayo and Gin Chup from The Netherlands – now on sale in Australia, as well as a variety of shops across Europe, South Korea, and the United States,

This line of alcohol-infused condiments created in Amsterdam: Gin Mayo and Gin Chup — are here to help liven up your lunch.

First shared with diners in 2017 as a house-made condiment on the menu at Mossel & Gin, a seafood restaurant in Amsterdam, the mayo quickly became a cult pantry staple, and the brand took on a life of its own.

Packaged in a squeeze-friendly tube, the gluten free sauce is crafted on creamy Zaanse mayonnaise, which is made from a recipe from the 1950s. It’s then elevated with a hit of Bobby’s Gin, which is distilled in the Dutch city of Schiedam and boasts a base of eight different botanicals. Clocking in at two percent alcohol per tube, the Gin Mayo supposedly is a solid match to some seafood or fried chicken, but also brings a little something extra to that sandwich or burger.

Recently, the brand has added to its line of products with a zesty gin-infused ketchup, or Gin Chup, which creators say works a treat when accompanying the likes of a triple-cheese toastie. Like its mayonnaise sibling, it also boasts two percent alcohol per tube — though you can expect that to translate to a festive flavour punch, rather than any overpowering boozy aftertaste.

To find out all the spots stocking Gin Mayo and Gin Chup locally, or to buy them online, head to the St Ali website. You can grab a 170-millilitre tube for RRP $15. Australian. If you’re in the UK, you can buy it via Firebox. In the US, it can be ordered through Chelsea Market Baskets.

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