NewsBuffalo Trace Distillery Begins Construction On $43 Million Wastewater Treatment Facility

Buffalo Trace Distillery Begins Construction On $43 Million Wastewater Treatment Facility


After almost a year of planning, Buffalo Trace Distillery has broken ground on its own wastewater reclamation facility as a direct result of its increased distilled spirits production. Comprised of a moving bed biofilm reactor, the new treatment facility will allow wastewater to be treated efficiently and maintain water quality standards. The facility is expected to be completed in June 2022 and is estimated to cost $43 million.

The new reclamation facility will treat and disinfect process waste clean enough to release into the Penitentiary Branch, which leads to the Kentucky River — ensuring both remain high-quality waters. Not only will this be beneficial for communities downstream of the facility, but this unique wastewater reclamation facility will relieve the city of Frankfort’s Sewer Department of any additional burden and keep treatment operations independent.

Buffalo Trace has worked with the city of Frankfort for many years on the treatment of its wastewater, but the needs of the Distillery have increased. This expansion is just one part of its $1.2 billion expansion project, which started in 2016.

This week, the distillery also announced the annual release of Weller Full Proof and “Craft Your Perfect Bourbon” (C.Y.P.B.). Both the Weller Full Proof Bourbon and C.Y.P.B. are big hits with Weller fans, and they can expect the same tasting notes for each in this year’s annual release as in years past.

Last month, the distillery announced the limited release of a Baijiu style spirit aged in new American oak casks as part of its on-going Experimental Collection of spirits. Earlier in the month, the distillery released its annual supply of Kosher Whiskey, set to arrive at retail in May. First introduced in 2020, Buffalo Trace Distillery began working with the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc-Kosher) in 2010 to release what it believes to be the first authentic Kosher Whiskey.

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