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The Dr. Stravinsky “Cosmos” stretches from fruity to fatty, sweet to dry, and everywhere in between. Located in Barcelona’s El Born neighborhood, the bar serves up cocktails created with uncommon ingredients that play toward the alchemist/medicinal history of alcohol. The direction is modern and innovative, even if the roots are based in tradition. Despite all this, the establishment manages to keep a laid back environment.

Dr. Stravinsky is not easy to find. It is located on a corner between two small stone streets, but once inside, visitors will find friendly bartenders who are eager to mix up something unique. Almost all the bottles of alcohols in the joint feature their own Dr. Stravinsky label, making the variety of bottles in sight look more like a crazed physician’s laboratory than a comfortable space with names you know well. It all creates an atmosphere that seems primed for creativity, and the liquid results are of the highest quality.

Dr. Stravinsky cocktail

The menu is laid out by taste preference, and there is a guide to the “cosmos” at the front of the menu that helps visitors find their perfect beverage. Dotted lines connect planet-like orbs named after flavors, and at the intersection of these lines imbibers can find the beverage destination they’ve been searching for. For example, if you’re looking for something lactic and sweet, the Crema Catalana will be your solution. If you’re in the mood for something more mineral and dry, order up the Soil Dry Martini.

Dr. Stravinsky has a reputation as one of the world’s finest cocktail bars for a reason. The bar is as interested in quality of product as it is spectacle of presentation, and they deliver drinks that are as intricate as they are delicious. Despite all of the thought and creativity that goes into each creation, Dr. Stravinsky manages to keep a laid back atmosphere that makes it as appealing for conversations on a Tuesday night as it is for showing off on a Saturday.

dr. stravinsky cosmos

Find It Here:
Carrer dels Mirallers, 5
08003 Barcelona, Spain

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