NewsFlor de Caña Pledges To Plant One Million Trees

Flor de Caña Pledges To Plant One Million Trees


In celebration of Earth Day, Flor de Caña has pledged to plant more than one million trees by 2025. Through its own annual reforestation program, Flor de Caña has already planted nearly 750,000 trees since 2005, and now, in partnership with the environmental charity One Tree Planted, the premium rum brand will launch a global reforestation campaign that aims to ensure a greener future for generations to come.

The campaign, titled “Together for a Greener Future”, will include a series of initiatives with retailers, bars, restaurants and on social media (#TogetherForAGreenerFuture) to engage eco-conscious consumers and raise awareness on the importance of reforestation. Furthermore, individuals will be able to support reforestation efforts by donating through the One Tree Planted platform, which guarantees that one tree will be planted for every dollar received. In turn, Flor de Caña will match all individual donations received during the campaign, doubling the impact.

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“Trees are essential for biodiversity and a healthy climate, so it’s great to work with a brand so committed to making a positive impact for reforestation and sustainability overall,” said Diana Chaplin, Canopy Director at One Tree Planted.

“As a brand, we are deeply committed to the protection and preservation of the environment. By partnering with One Tree Planted, we hope to inspire individuals who want to be part of a good cause and help restore forests around the world,” said Mauricio Solórzano, Global Ambassador for Flor de Caña.

Flor de Caña is one of the most environmentally friendly distilleries in the world and the only one to be both Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified. In addition to planting 50,000 trees every year, the brand captures and recycles all CO2 emissions during the fermentation process and uses 100% renewable energy to distill its rum.

In December, Flor de Caña was honored with the “Sustainability Award” at the 2020 The Drinks Business Green Awards. The brand was given the award in recognition of its leadership within the industry and historic commitment to sustainable practices.

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