NewsGlencairn Unveils Pipette To Complement Glass

Glencairn Unveils Pipette To Complement Glass


Scottish crystal company Glencairn Crystal Studio is launching a new Glencairn Pipette this week for whisky-lovers to add a splash of water to their dram. As makers of the world’s best-selling whisky glass, the family run team at Glencairn Crystal know that adding water to whisky can enhance the flavors and aromas.

Over the years customers who enjoy a drop of water with their whisky have often told the Glencairn Crystal team that they would relish a pipette to match their Glencairn Glass. It is for this demand that the Glencairn Pipette has been crafted to complement the Glencairn Glass.

The handblown glass Glencairn Pipette is designed to be the ideal length for the Glencairn Glass and holds 1ml of water. Weighted at the top with a miniature Glencairn Glass, the pipette is fashioned to be comfortable in the hand, whilst allowing better regulation of the amount of water added, with its precisely engineered control-aperture set within a wide bulb at the upper end.

Whether one adds water to whisky or not is up to individual whisky drinkers’ tastes, however many whisky lovers believe that adding water can ‘open up’ the aromas and flavors, dramatically altering and enhancing the taste – interestingly scientists in Sweden supported this with a study in 2017.

“Our business is built on family values and we pride ourselves on our strong relationship with the Glencairn Glass community of followers,” commented Scott Davidson, Glencairn Crystal’s New Product Development Director. “We are always open to feedback and new ideas and after listening to our customers, we are delighted to introduce the new Glencairn Pipette as the perfect partner to the Glencairn Glass. For those who love a splash of water with their whisky, our pipette will enable the drinker to add a little drop at a time and will prevent the risk of drowning their favourite dram with too much!”

The Glencairn Pipette costs £6 and is also available to buy in a set with a Glencairn Glass (£11) or in a set with both a Glencairn Glass and Glencairn Jug (£22) via the company’s online shop.

This year marks the 40th birthday of Glencairn Crystal Studio. Founded by Raymond Davidson in 1981, the company is not only synonymous with the famous Glencairn Glass, but has also become a world expert in the design, creation and manufacture of high-end crystal and glassware decanters, often for the worlds’ rarest and most exclusive spirits.

In November, Glencairn Crystal expanded its portfolio with the addition of a Gin Goblet. The design of the new vessel is based on Scottish company’s mixer glass.

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