BottlesThis Women-Founded Whiskey Is The First To Be Backed By Diageo’s Pre-Accelerator Program

This Women-Founded Whiskey Is The First To Be Backed By Diageo’s Pre-Accelerator Program


Backed by Diageo’s Distill Ventures Pre-Accelerator Program, women-founded and led Lodestar Whiskey releases first bottling.

Lodestar Whiskey has introduced its first expression, a blend of American single malt and straight high rye Bourbon. The women-founded and led spirit brand is the first-ever whiskey to be backed by Diageo’s Distill Ventures award-winning Pre-Accelerator program.

Co-founded by cousins and entertainment industry veterans Anna Axster and Wendelin von Schroder, who had long wanted to create an inclusive and approachable whiskey, Lodestar Whiskey is the result of blending hard work and serendipity. When the entertainment industry stalled during the pandemic, the cousins recognised the opportunity to follow their passion and create a brand new drink.

From the outset, Anna and Wendelin sought to create a community – it was what they loved most about their decade spent working together in music and film. Having acquired a taste for whiskey through their travels, they crafted their own high-quality and approachable spirit, which embodies the laid-back California lifestyle where Lodestar is based.

Speaking on the founding of the new venture,  co-founder Anna Axster said:

“Building community is one of our guiding principles. As we began developing the brand, it was important to us that our whiskey is approachable, with a uniquely delicious flavor you can enjoy neat or in a cocktail. We wanted it to be inclusive and inviting to those who are new to the whiskey community while also satisfying the palates of those who enjoy whiskey regularly. Lodestar invites everyone to the party.”

Lodestar Whiskey is a blend of Straight High Rye Bourbon and American Single Malt.  Its notes of caramel, citrus, and warm baking spices from the rye pair perfectly with the approachable smooth finish of the single malt. The brand recommends enjoying the whiskey neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. 

“At Lodestar our golden rule is simple: bring joy to the journey and invite your friends,” adds co-founder Wendelin von Schroder. “We love kicking back with our favorite people, a good spirit in hand. It’s all about connecting and a sense of belonging. We hope that however people choose to gather, that their good times are made extra special with Lodestar.” 

Bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV), Lodestar Whiskey is priced at $45 per 750ml bottle and is available in select retail and boutique locations across California and online across the US beginning this month. For more information, including cocktail recipe ideas and to find local retailers, visit  

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