NewsTour A 900-Year-Old Winery And Bath In Luxury At Baglioni Masseria Muzza In Puglia

Tour A 900-Year-Old Winery And Bath In Luxury At Baglioni Masseria Muzza In Puglia


Baglioni has opened its latest five-star Italian hotel, Baglioni Masseria Muzza, deep in the Salento countryside of Puglia. The new space offers a plethora of experiences on and off property, including a tour of Otranto and a visit to a 900-year-old winery.

Known for its olive fields, incredible wine, and picturesque beaches, tranquil Puglia may not carry the high-profile glamor of some other Baglioni locations, like Milan, Venice, or London, but that’s exactly why you come to Italy’s seductive stiletto heel. 

Baglioni Masseria Muzza opened its doors officially in late May. Located in the gorgeous Salento area, all 40 rooms on the property are villa-style, encouraging guests to connect with the area’s incredible natural surroundings. Each is decorated with whitewashed limestone and features a courtyard, an indoor seating area, a bedroom, along with a modern bathroom.

Baglioni Masseria Muzza

On property, guests will find a large infinity pool, gardens, and three open-air restaurants: Le Site, La Limonaia, And Mirto, as well as the pool bar. There is also a spa and a Kids Club, perfect for guests looking to relax or enjoy some of the hotel’s many experiences.

Speaking of experiences, Baglioni Masseria Muzza sits just a few minutes from Otranto, Italy’s easternmost town and one of its most beautiful, offering a rich mix of history, architecture, fine views, and white sandy beaches. The hotel offers a gourmet tour of the town that includes visits to the magnificent Aragonese castle and Santa Maria Annunziata cathedral as well as a winery with over 900 years of history. There, guests can tuck into a private traditional lunch with a tasting of several wines in the shady pergola gazing on to a garden suffused with the cool of the fragrant orange trees.

The hotel is open from May to October with rates starting at $535 per night. To make a reservation, head over to the hotel’s official website.


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